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  • Spy Science Secret Message
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Spy Science Secret Message

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  • Brand: 4M
  • Item Number: 011-060
  • Recommended Age: 9-10 Year Old
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The spy sciences secret messages kit lets you send Morse code messages with a cool mini Morse code shutter torch.

-Great for the curious and inquisitive mind.
-Have fun communicating secret messages with your friends like spies do! Send top secrets in Morse code, Invisible writers, X ray secret notes sheet and more...
-Learn common secret codes used in the spy world. Send Morse Code messages with a cool mini Morse Code shutter torch. Write on """"X-Ray"""" secret message sheet, which can only be read with decoder lens.
-Create invisible messages with secret markers. Build a 20-page super spy journal, with a secret code library for hand reference and more...

Why Our Experts Love It

What is it about the secret world of espionage that is always so intriguing? Even as adults we wish we had a mystery secret writing pen and a decoder ring. With this kit, your child can use Morse code and secret messages to communicate with friends. It's a great way to improve their interpersonal skills as they pass secret messages to their friends. You never know. The future of the free world may depend on it, Moneypenny!

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