Birthday Stockup Toys for 7-Year-Olds


Tired of going to the toy store every week?
Here are great toys for about $20.


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Cartoon It

Sharpen your memory and your drawing pencil as you play this fun, fast-paced memory game with an artistic twist!

- You 'll have 30 seconds to memorize a cartoon character with six specific features shown on the Character Card.
- When time is up, all players draw their cartoon character from memory using hints from the Features Board.
- The player with the sharpest memory scores the most points, and you 'll have hilarious fun comparing your drawings!
- Cartoon It! promotes drawing and memory skills and is perfect for the entire family.


- - 1 Features Board.
- 30-Second Game Timer.
- 50 Character Cards.
- 6 Pencils.
- 1 Cartoon Drawing Pad with Drawing Sheets.

Price: $20.00

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SMALL Flip em Flops
With Flip em Flops wear a new style every day of the week!

- Just snap your ribbons in place.
- It's so easy!
- Flip and Flop around the house in style.
- Includes one pair of flip flop soles.
- 7 pairs of ribbon straps.
- Size 2 SMALL - fits most kids ages 6 - 8

Price: $23.20

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M&M Candy Wrapper Jewelry
Save the planet and make a fashion statement, too!

Make sweet bracelets, headbands and belts from candy wrappers. Just fold and link! And no, you don′t have to eat all the candy to make the jewelry as the wrappers are included. But come to think of it, it would be fun!


- Over 200 pre-cut candy wrappers.
- Glue stick with burnishing cap.
- Hole puncher.
- 9 cords.
- 9 beads.
- 4 elastic loops.
- 30 sticky gems.
- Easy instructions.

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Price: $20.00

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OgoDisk 15 in Double Pack

A hand trampoline for balls: throw, catch, bounce!

Mezo combines a large target area for easy bouncing with a thinner handle for smaller hands. Bounce any ball -- for summer fun, try it in the pool with water balloons!

Set includes one bright-blue and one OgoOrange disk with one OgoSoft ball. EVA foam ring. Nylon-spandex membrane center.

Price: $32.00

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When Pinkalicious loses a tooth, it's not just any tooth = it's her sweet tooth!

- Suddenly candy no longer tastes sweet!
- With her pinkatastic pen, Pinkalicious writes a note to the Tooth Fairy and tucks it under her pillow . . . only to hear from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and a Christmas elf instead.
- It is not until the Tooth Fairy finally responds = and works some magic = that Pinkalicious discovers where sweetness really comes from.
- Fairy-tale characters and sparkling scenes make Silverlicious a sweet treat for all.

Price: $18.40

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Geosafari Sea Scope

They really should call this the LAND AND SEA SCOPE.

- This 4x telescope is great for viewing distant objects on land.
- Or attach it to the water-resistant Sea Scope to magnify life in streams, ponds, lakes or tide pools.
- The Aqualite flashlight attaches to the SeaScope for viewing in dark or murky underwater conditions (AWESOME!).
- A built-in ruler allows on-the-spot measurement of specimens, and a thermometer strip determines the temperature in or out of the water.
- Requires two AA batteries, not included.

Price: $32.00

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Jawbones 100 pc Set
Here's a new kind of building toy.

The Jawbones 100 piece set provides creative minds with the tools to build both simple and sophisticated models.

Build 14 different models provided in the 20-page idea booklet or come up with your own constructions. Storage jar included.
Price: $23.20

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The Magic School Bus Solar Energy to the Rescue
Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with solar energy to the rescue.

- Young Scientists explore the greenhouse effect
- Collect real carbon dioxide
- Recreate global warming in a bottle
- Use a solar panel to spin a fan
- Make a solar secret code
- Design solar spinners
- Watch solar energy inflate balloons
- and much, much more!
- Everything included

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Price: $20.00

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Tie Dye Fashion Top
That is one G R O O V Y - S H I R T !

- Tie dye a groovy tank top and lace with satin ribbons!
- Includes a cotton shirt
- 2 ribbons
- 2 bottles with 2 colors of dye powder
- Tie dye tools
- No-mess gloves (awesome) and easy instructions.
- Fits most girls ages 6-10
Price: $21.60

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Microscope with Bag
If daylight is poor, just open the green battery compartment flap and the LEDs will start shining.

- 30 times enlargement.
- Bag includes tweezers
- Three microscope slides
- Cover foil,
- Four compound capsules
- 1 microscope sample - grasshopper
- 1 microscope sample - textiles
- Microscope height is 5 3/4
- Batteries NOT included
Price: $28.00

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The Magic School Bus The World of Germs
What a ride! The Magic School Bus science kits bring the books to life!

- In each kit, Ms. Frizzle takes students on a wild journey with over 10 hands-on experiments about Germs, The Human Body or Rainbows.
- Each kit also contains a 20-page booklet that explains and explores, while teaching 'em about science in fun, exciting and meaningful ways.
- These great beginning science introductions include everything needed.
- Just add fun and creativity.

Check out ALL our starter science kits!
Price: $20.00

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Bella Butterfly Picnic Basket
This is super cute! And perfect for summer picnics!

- Beautiful and functional, this complete picnic set stores in a butterfly adorned, sturdy fabric, picnic basket.

This pretty pink set comes with

- Dishwasher-safe place settings for four
- Cups
- Forks
- Spoons
- Knives
- And flower-shaped plates

Dimensions: 7.5 x 12.5 x 9 Packaged

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Price: $27.98

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Magic Tree House Box Set Books 13-16
Get ready for a world of adventure with the first four titles in the beloved Magic Tree House series!

Jack and his little sister Annie are just two regular kids from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. Then they discover a mysterious tree house packed with all sorts of books...and their lives are never the same!

Soon they are traveling through time and space in the magic tree house and having amazing adventures.

Whether it's watching baby dinosaurs hatch, finding a secret passage in a castle, helping a ghost queen in an Egyptian pyramid, or finding pirate treasure readers won't want to miss a single story!

Books Included: Vacation under the Volanco, Day of the Dragon King, Viking Ships Sunrise and Hour of the Olympics
Price: $19.97

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Metallic Mania
Enhance your artwork with premium Faber-Castell metallic art materials

Featuring 8 metallic EcoPencils, 6 metallic gel sticks and 5 metallic markers. Use the black paper drawing pad, black cardstock shapes and velvet paper included, and watch the metallic pigments pop against these dark drawing surfaces.

This complete set includes a reusable storage bag, paint brush, blending stick, instructions and ideas. Non-toxic - conforms to ASTM D-4236

In this Kit

- 8 metallic EcoPencils

- 6 metallic gel sticks

- 5 metallic markers

- black paper drawing pad

- black cardstock shapes

- velvet paper included

- reusable storage bag

- paint brush

- blending stick

- instructions and ideas
Price: $24.00

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Stix and Stones
A prehistoric picturemaking race with no drawing skills required!!

- Create like a caveman using only sticks and stones.
- Dare each other to make a picture with as few pieces as possible, then challenge the other players to guess what it is.
- Remember, the clock is always ticking!
- Features 75 game cards providing 450 words of varying difficulty.
- Ensures a different game every time and an engaging experience for players of all ages.
- Includes 40 plastic sticks (twenty 4 L, twenty 2 L), 15 plastic stones (1 in diameter), arrow (1.25L ), die, 60 second sand timer, and burlap bag for easy storage.
- For 4+ players or teams.
Price: $24.00

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