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  • Soft Modeling Dough
  • Soft Modeling Dough
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Soft Modeling Dough

  • 5.0
  • Brand: Alex
  • Item Number: 002-074
  • Recommended Age: 3-4 Year Old
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Show us your creativity and mold a sculpture together!

- 6 bright colors of super soft modeling dough for little sculptors.
- Each 5 oz. container has an air tight foil seal and cap to prevent the dough from drying out between uses.
- Packaged in a brightly colored carry along tote box.

Why Our Experts Love It

Dough, Ray, Me . . .

Everything you need to make beautiful sculptures out of dough! Be creative & use your imagination!

Oh, here's a hint...after each use, put a couple drops of water in each container to help keep the dough moist.

. . . Fa, So, La, Te, DOUGH!
  • Playing with dough is a great way to develop your childs sense of touch. This toy offers great tactile stimulation because it includes dough and several rollers, knives and cutters to create different shapes and textures for little hands to feel and learn about.
  • As your child plays with the different cutters and rollers, ask him/her to describe the different feel that is created. You may want to help him/her express what he/she feels with words like bumpy, smooth or wavy.
  • Practice his/her color recognition by asking your child to hand you dough of a certain color, like red. Then you can make a shape out of the dough and ask your child if he/she knows what it is.
  • Sit together and watch your toddlers imagination blossom as he/she creates a variety of animals, creatures, food or vehicles. The possibilities are endless.
  • Have your child hone his/her listening skills by giving one or two-step directions for him/her to follow. For example, ask your toddler to use the knife to cut a square out of the blue dough. This will work on color recognition, shape recognition and fine motor skills as well.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards