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Sort & Count

  • 4.5
  • Brand: Alex
  • Item Number: 002-206
  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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Sort and Count- A new wooden shape sorting house.

- Every side includes openings for shape sorting.
- Wooden house shape also has beads for counting on the roof.
- Includes 6 colorful shapes.
- Made of wood in bright colors and whimsical graphics.
- Part of the mix 'n max line of baby toys.
- Roof is made of colorful counting beads.
- Measures 8 H x 9 W x 8 D (20cm x 22cm x 20cm)

Why Our Experts Love It

Count it and Sort it!

We love this count and sort activity for its educational aspect. Also, it is a fun way to teach the kids their colors & numbers!

Show me where the color blue is!
  • The sort & count is a classic learning toy with a twist that teach your baby the spatial relationship of different sizes of the same object.
  • At first your child will just play with the shapes of the house. Then they will start to put the shapes in the holes – it will take some time to get the right shape in the right hole.
  • Start to talk to your child about the shapes – this is a square etc. Also, take this opportunity to start to teach them about colors. This is blue, this is a blue star etc.
  • Pretty soon your child will be putting the shapes in the correct holes.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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