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  • Whale of a Time
  • Whale of a Time
  • Whale of a Time
  • Whale of a Time
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Whale of a Time

  • 4.0
  • Brand: Alex
  • Item Number: 002-138
  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Have a whale of a time.

- Suction cup the whale to the wall and stack up his pals.
- Scoop the water and watch the fun!
- Each cup functions differently - spin, spray, twirl.
- This 5 piece unique bath cup set includes a whale base with other fun bath cups painted with other sea creatures.

Why Our Experts Love It

Spin, spray, twirl your way to bath time fun! Your little one really will have a whale of a time with these bath cups!
  • Tub time is a great time to connect with your little one. Since you are both sitting there anyway, you can use the time for some fun and learning with Whale of a Time.
  • At first let your child explore the pieces of this toddler toy on his/her own. Each one is a little different.
  • Demonstrate for your toddler how the pieces can stick to the tub wall. Have him/her arrange the pieces in whatever order he/she wants.
  • Your child will learn cause and effect when he/she pours the water through the pieces. Use action words to label what is happening. Introducing new words like spin, down or turn will help build your childs vocabulary.
  • Ask your little one to describe the different parts and colors of the bath toy. This will build on his/her knowledge of adjectives.
  • Your child can use the whale cup to rinse the soap out of his or her hair. This develops your childs early self help skills.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards