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  • Twinkle Mouse
  • Twinkle Mouse
  • Twinkle Mouse
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Twinkle Mouse

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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The Angels from the Attic are a group of six special friends. They are collectible pals, each with their own unique personality, built from soft fabric and sewn with love. The characters have no wires or plugs, no batteries or remote controls needed. Simple, classic, warm and always there when you need a pal.

Twinkle Mouse is the youngest. She's quiet and a bit shy. And she loves to draw and be helpful.

Why Our Experts Love It

Each animal from Angels in the Attic has a unique characteristic...just like your child. If they like to play outdoors than Crystal Cat is for them if they love to travel then Sunray Bear is the one for them. Each of these stuffed animals will bring comfort to your little one right when they need it most.
  • Angels from the Attic are stuffed animals that all have different interests and personalities just like your child.
  • Each angel comes with a mini storybook and collectible zipper backpack charm.
  • These angels can go anywhere you go.  Bring Misty the Pig to the Science center because she loves science or bring Eclipse Doggy on your next adventure in your backyard or vacation.
  • These angels can be very comforting and a security type blanket for your child when they need them most.
  • Take this opportunity to talk to him/her about their feelings and how it’s OK to have different interests than their friends.  This can help with their confidence as well.

    We love that all 6 are unique just like your child. 
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards