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  • Learn to Draw Horses
  • Learn to Draw Horses
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Learn to Draw Horses

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  • Brand: Breyer
  • Item Number: 057-026
  • Recommended Age: 8-10 Year Old
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If you can imagine it, you can draw it with Breyer 's Learn To Draw Horses kit.

The kit contains

- An 8 by 11 32 page color glossy instructional booklet that demonstrates how to use a stencil
- Drawing with shapes
- How to trace
Drawing on a grid
- And drawing from life.


- Ten colored pencils
- Four graphite pencils
- One pencil sharpener
- One eraser
- Ten pieces of tracing paper
- Ten pieces of drawing paper
- One grid One sheet of stencils
- One fully decorated Breyer Paddock Pal (1:24 scale) to draw from life.

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Why Our Experts Love It

This art set by Beyer has everything your horse enthusiast needs to draw the most beautiful horses.

We love this kit because it breaks-down how to draw a real-life looking horses and makes it easy.

You will be amazed (and so will the kids) at how realistic the horses look.
  • With the stencil, grid and tracing tools that come with this art set the ideas are endless!!! There is so much your little one can do with this drawing set.
  • First, have him pick out his favorite tool to use. Maybe its the stencil or the shapes. You can talk more about the picture he picked to reinforce his knowledge about that particular thing.
  • While he is coloring take this opportunity to talk about the colors he is using and why. If he is using yellow for the mane ask him why he is using that color.
  • Next, when the picture is done ask him to tell you a story about the picture he just colored in to get his imagination flowing.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards