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  • Playplay color play game
  • Playplay color play game
  • Playplay color play game

Playplay color play game

  • Recommended Age: 3-5 Year Old
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A Creative Color and Matching Game. -The Color Play GAME gives kids 3 ways to play. Pattern It. -Work together to find matching patterns and create a color-wheel. -Shape It. Find and match distinct shapes. -Balance It. Use the shape pieces to build and balance. Benefit on Color/Pattern recognition, Creativity and Imagination, Matching and dexterity and Cooperation. -Ages 5+, 2-6 players. Contents: 1 20′ x 20′ color-wheel mat 24 double-sided color/pattern shapes 48 Shape It cards spinner instructions for different ways

Why Our Experts Love It


    Children love to play this game and race to hit the bell first. 


    They will improve their visual scanning and matching skills all at once.


    Early word recognition – match the picture to the word. Help your child with letter-sound recognition (frog starts with ‘ffff’ – Eff)


    A new way to play – pick a category (i.e. transportation; things that are blue) and have your child point to and name as many items within that category that they can find on their card in 1-2 minutes.   If there are a few children playing, you can count up how many they got and whoever found the most items wins.

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