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  • Monster Maker Game
  • Monster Maker Game
  • Monster Maker Game
  • Monster Maker Game

Monster Maker Game

  • Recommended Age: 7 Year Old
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Be the first player to make your monster with 6 parts cards. Monster Maker is an outrageous race to create colorful Monsters by trading and exchanging parts cards with opponents or drawing from the garbage pile . A creative Monster Maker story book is also included in each pack.

Why Our Experts Love It

It's alive! (Cue evil laugh) We love Monster Maker because it's a fun and silly game where you can create your own monstrosity.

It develops creativity, sure, but because it is a game about trading cards with your friends it develops social skills as well. Now those monsters under the bed don't look too scary!

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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