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  • DJ Guitar
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DJ Guitar

  • 4.5
  • Brand: Chicco
  • Item Number: 012-016
  • Recommended Age: 1-3 Year Old
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A electronic toy guitar full of features for the young child. Select from three different musical styles (Rock, Pop and Blues) and choose among 3 play modes (short tunes, pre-recorded melodies and follow-me).The 23 pre-recorded melodies can be enriched with the 3 different mixer functions: drums, vibration and acceleration of the rhythm.

Why Our Experts Love It

Your child will be the next Guitar Hero with this fantastic 6 strigner! It's a great first introduction to music, and it's a blast! You will watch your child grow with this toy as he/she gets better and better with rhythm, and knowing what sounds certain things make...time to move to the harder activities!
  • Brain research has concluded that music helps lead the way for learning in language abilities.
  • Besides being a rugged colorful guitar with bright colors the musical exposure your child will get from this fun and educational toy will go a long way so its the perfect toddler toy.
  • You can teach your child that the music is made up of many different instruments each with different sounds but playing the same song.
  • Your child will begin to learn the different sounds and parts of music because he/she can add or remove certain instruments by pushing different instruments on the orchestra. Try the drums then the piano. What do these instruments sound like?
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards