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  • The Cable Car And The Dragon
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The Cable Car And The Dragon

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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This is the rollicking tale of the adventures of Charlie, the youngest cable car. Only sixty years old, he is tired of the same old rut. 

-One night as he's puffing himself up Nob Hill, he hears a lot of excitement down below: Chinese New year! Suddenly, Charlie takes a right turn at Jackson Street, rather than the left he has taken for sixty years, and he finds himself in the middle of the parade.
-There he meets a friendly dragon named Chu Chin Chow, who is bored with his job. Charlie treats Chu to a cable car ride that looks as if it will end in a disastrous plunge into the San Francisco Bay--unless a miracle occurs.

Why Our Experts Love It

"What a fun and suspenseful romp in San Fransisco! To a little one, cable cars seem like big dragons. In this tale Charlie, a six year old cable car (right around your child's age) is stuck in a rut. But boy does he find some adventure when he meets a dragon on Chinese New Year! This amazing book is a great way to highlight the meeting of two cultures in the great city of San Fransisco. Next time your little one feel in a rut, take a trip together to The City By The Bay."
  • Choking Hazard 8 - not for children under 8 years