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  • WCS Survival Handbook: Weird Junior Edition
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WCS Survival Handbook: Weird Junior Edition

  • Recommended Age: 8 Year Old
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WCS Survival Handbook: Weird Junior Edition
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Vampires, zombies, aliens, mummies, dragons.


Yes, even the weird, unexplained, and other-worldly need to be survived!

The authors of the best-selling Worst-Case Scenario series are back with a hilarious (and helpful!) handbook that's a blast through space, time, history, and the imagination.

Find out how to survive a Mars landing, fight a werewolf, deal with a Bigfoot sighting, outwit a leprechaun, prepare for time travel, and more. Peppered with historical and scientific facts, this book will amaze, amuse, and delight.

Kids will get the scoop on how to handle the weirdest situations Worst-Case Scenario-style!

Why Our Experts Love It

"This is an out-of-this-world handbook of hilarious survival tips for the weirdest things life throws at you. Alien abductions, Vampires and Zombies? Your child will just love reading this wacky book of outlandish how-tos. Their imagination will take off. What a great way to connect with your child at a time when they start to feel like no one understands them! Let them see that you need some survival tips in your day, too. Honey, if zombies come to get us will you remember to grab my wedding album? Thanks!"
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