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  • Big Boom Bat and Tee
  • Big Boom Bat and Tee
  • Big Boom Bat and Tee
  • Big Boom Bat and Tee

Big Boom Bat and Tee

  • 3.0
  • Brand: Diggin
  • Item Number: 128-004
  • Recommended Age: 3 Year Old
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A kid-friendly, preschool sport set, the Big Boom Bat and Tee Set from Diggin will help budding baseball buff's work on their batting average at an early age!

- The Big Boom Bat and Tee Set includes a kid-friendly, inflatable bat with an oversized, soft green bat barrel.
- Plastic handle that makes it easy for kids to make contact with every swing.
- The set also includes an oversized, inflatable tee.
- A homerun of fun!

Why Our Experts Love It

We love this toy because it will really get your kids movin' and swingin'!

It will keep them active and having fun, while giving them an introduction to baseball. The BIG barreled bat will also build confidence because it's easy for the little Babe to hit the ball and help their hand-eye coordination.
  • Begin by introducing just the Big Boom Bat & Tee to your child. Take some time to show your child how to throw the ball both underhand and overhand. Teach them to catch the ball using both hands.
  • Use tape or chalk to draw larges boxes on the wall to use as targets.  This will improve your childs aim as he or she practives throwing the ball within the box.  You can start with really large boxes and gradually make them smaller.  Be sure to notice which arm your child prefers to throw with. As always give lots of encouragement.
  • Bring on the bat! Start by just showing your child how to make contact with the ball on the ground. Then, put the ball in motion. Roll it to your child and have them swing at it. This will build hand-eye coordination.
  • Place the ball on a cone and teach your child how to swing in the air. Once your little one has mastered this swing, use a larger ball, like the Nobble Gertie, toss it in the air and encourage him/her hit it. Gradually decrease the size of the ball until they can make contact with the  ball that comes in the package.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards