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  • Clay Play
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Clay Play

  • Recommended Age: 8 Year Old
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Clay Play
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Transform simple balls and coils of modeling clay into an awesome alligator, laughing lizard, magic trinket box, and other sculptures, signs, and ornaments!


- These full-color illustrations and clear directions explain basic techniques as well as every step of the crafting process for 24 projects, including a happy heart, snazzy snail, dancing polar bear, and other treasures.

- Each project is graded according to level of difficulty and includes a list of materials consisting of colored clay and ordinary household items.

- The step-by-step instructions feature numerals corresponding to color photos that provide easy-to-follow examples.

- Crafters of all ages will adore these fun-filled projects and their products, which make charming keepsakes and unique gifts. 

  • Choking Hazard 8 - not for children under 8 years

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