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  • What To Doodle Dinosaurs
  • What To Doodle Dinosaurs
  • What To Doodle Dinosaurs
  • What To Doodle Dinosaurs
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What To Doodle Dinosaurs

  • Recommended Age: 6 Year Old
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Kids of all ages can use their creativity to complete sixty-two fun images of prehistoric creatures.

Draw a T. rex's prey, a sabertooth tiger's fangs, and a variety of dinosaur frills, crests, markings, plates, and spikes.

The ready-to-finish illustrations help doodlers get started, providing backgrounds and suggestions for a host of cool scenes from the Age of Reptiles.

Why Our Experts Love It

This is a fun and engaging book for children to really get their creative juices flowing!

This allows them to draw any type of dinosaur they want with 62 images of prehistoric creatures!

This makes a perfect gift for your dinosaur lover. ENJOY!
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