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  • Make a Face Magnet Set
  • Make a Face Magnet Set
  • Make a Face Magnet Set
  • Make a Face Magnet Set
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Make a Face Magnet Set

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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Magnets and pretend play in one!

The Make a Face Magnet Set comes with a generous selection of 47 colorful and clever magnets. Every time children play with Wonderboard Magnet Sets, they create a different masterpiece. Offering hours of open-ended fun with a generous selection of colorful and clever magnets, each set includes a 9 x 12 double-sided magnetic play board. Wonderboards are packed in a reusable vinyl storage envelope and include a booklet with suggested activities and design ideas. With the Fun-With-Faces kit, you can build your very own wacky and wild faces.

Each set also includes

- 9 x 12 double sided magnetic playboard and activity booklet.
- Packed in heavy vinyl carrying case measuring 12.75 x 1/8 x 13.75 .

Great for travel and on the go.

Why Our Experts Love It

The next Van Gogh in training!

The Make a Face Magnet Set receives our seal of approval because making different faces with the different pieces will spark imagination, and recognition.

What better way to learn about facial expressions and parts of the body then this magnet set! This is a great set to reinforce language skills and get your kids talking! Not only is this a super silly fun set but get your child to talk about the different emotions people experience. What do you look like when you are happy? Sad? Angry? Excited? This is a great way to increase their vocabulary.

It is a perfect toy for the car because it is magnetic, so you will not have to worry about losing pieces.
  • At this age your child is beginning to learn about and gain control over his/her emotions. This is a great way to help explain what he/she may be feeling inside.
  • Have your little one make several faces and give a name to the emotion. Demonstrate for your child the visual cues that go along with each emotion. For example, “This face looks angry because the mouth is frowning."
  • You can make a spinner with each body part as a possible spin. Then play a make-a face game with your child—each player has to spin to get the next piece to add to the face.
  • At around four years of age, your child may begin to draw recognizable pictures. Have him/her practice drawing faces with different emotions. If your preschooler needs some hints he/she can copy one of the faces from the magnet board.

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  • Magnets - this item contains magnets, not for children under 3 years of age