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  • Green Eggs & Ham Speedy Diner Game
  • Green Eggs & Ham Speedy Diner Game

Green Eggs & Ham Speedy Diner Game

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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Here is a little quote to get things started and hopefully put a smile on your face:

Do you like green

eggs and ham?

I do not like them,


I do not like green

eggs and ham!

Why Our Experts Love It

Would you like them

here or there?

I would not like them

here or there.

I would not like them


Sam-I-Am has opened a caf and invited his friends, Fox, Mouse, and Goat, for dinner. Help serve up his signature green eggs and ham along with a menu full of other silly Seussian foods. Listen closely because these critter customers can 't decide what to eat! And hurry, hurry, hurry = the musical timer is playing and speedy service is the key to 5-star success!

In this fast-paced, frenetically fun game for preschoolers, players work together to deliver food to the caf guests as fast as they can. Take turns being the Chef calling out orders to the other players, who serve as waiters, running back and forth to pick up the foods and deliver them to the correct customers. The faster you deliver the food, the more tips you 'll make! But watch out = when you hear Bugs in the Kitchen! you 've got to race back to the dining room and check all the tables for insects. Players use color, shape and other pre-reading skills to identify food items and counting to collect their reward coins.

Great for Learning:Inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss children 's story, Green Eggs & Ham - Speedy Diner! Game serves up big laughs and fast-action role-play fun. The whimsical Musical Menu Book helps kids make the association between letters and words, inspiring confidence and a love for reading.

Game Components: Musical Menu timer, Chef hat, Green Eggs and Ham, 20 coins, 18 food tiles, 8 double-sided menu cards, 3 customer pads, Score pad

From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere! Dr. Seuss has many funny and inspirational quotes. Check out all Dr. Seuss Books.
  • This game is based on the Dr Seuss classic Green Eggs & Ham book. Start by reading that book to your little one.
  • This game is also so great because it gets children off the floor and moving around – which we LOVE!
  • First get familiar with the silly Dr Seuss food that you will be delivering to your customers. What silly concoctions has he come up with now?
  • The Chef will call out the food that you need to deliver to your customer and make sure you do it fast because you are getting timed. After all the food is delivered then we see who wins the game by how fast they did it.
  • You can make this game harder or easier depending on the skill level of your child.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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