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  • Ankylosaurus Steam Roller
  • Ankylosaurus Steam Roller
  • Ankylosaurus Steam Roller

Ankylosaurus Steam Roller

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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Watch out! This spiky, smashing, steamrolling Ankylosaurus has rolled onto the scene and threatens to flatten anything in its path. 

-With a studded, segmented tail, a pivoting body, a swiveling head, and snapping jaws, Spike knows that no job is impossible when he’s on the construction site. 
-Inside Spike’s cab, the rotating steering wheel and driver’s seat open up the gates to imaginative play as kids pretend to demolish and build cities, mountains, or structures of their own making. Snow, sand, soil, and water are Spike’s favorite outdoor environments, since there are no electronic parts to worry about. From playroom to sandbox, Spike and the Dino Construction Company™ are sure to inspire kid-powered roars and laughs for hours at a time. 
-Totally kid-powered, with no batteries required
-Movable, spiky, segmented tail

Why Our Experts Love It

"Dinosaurs and trucks together. No way! There's nothing better! This will be your kid's favorite toy in the whole playroom. We love how creative the combo of dino + truck is. But most of all we love that there are no batteries needed. That makes it especially good for their gross motor skills and dexterity, since it's all kid-powered. What a way to stimulate their imagination. While they play they will combine what they know about dinos with constuction sites for a roaring good time. And Ankylosaurus has a swivelling head and chomping jaws. Collect them all! This one won't reach playroom extinction for years!"
  • Choking Hazard 8 - not for children under 8 years