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  • Play Foam - 8 pack set
  • Play Foam - 8 pack set
  • Play Foam - 8 pack set
  • Play Foam - 8 pack set
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Play Foam - 8 pack set

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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Make whatever your imagination thank think-up!

- Play Foam is a lightweight, colorful foam sculpting material that won't crumble, and won't stick to skin or surfaces.
- So there's no cleanup required.
- And Play Foam never dries, which means you can use it over and over and over again.

Why Our Experts Love It

Play Foam receives our seal of approval because it is nontoxic, non-drying play foam that can be used over and over again.

This toy will spark your child's creativity as they come up with new artistic creations and then dismantle them to start again. And it's neat!
  • Children love playing with clay, dough or Playfoam because it is such a textural way to create expressions of their imagination. Encourage your child to use his/her sense of touch to make simple shapes such as balls or snakes with the Playfoam. Eventually he/she will create more representational figures; things he/she is familiar with, like a car or Mom.
  • Explain to your child that when you mix two colors together you can make new colors. Have your preschooler predict what color he/she thinks will come out if you mix red and blue for example. At this age children are beginning to develop the ability to be able to predict outcomes using reason. This also fosters their spirit of experimentation.
  • Invite some friends over. Suggest a theme and have each child make something within that theme, like types of food. Then the children can use it in symbolic play. For example, they can play grocery store or cooking show with the Playfoam food they created.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years