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  • Young Maestro Set
  • Young Maestro Set
  • Young Maestro Set
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Young Maestro Set

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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The Young Maestro Set has 4 shakers in a boxed set. Each shaker makes a different noise and they rounded edges so they are safe for baby.

Why Our Experts Love It

Safety first. And..we love these shakers because they're durable, colorful and each one is unique. And it's fantastic for cause and effect; When I shake this, it makes noise!
  • First your little one will just take the shakers and shake them from side to side without even realizing the effects this is having on them.
  • As they shake the different shakers they will know which one they like best – is it the one with the symbols or the one with the beads in it?
  • These shakers will teach them about cause and effect.  They will learn that when they shake the rattle it will make a specific noise.  Once they know which rattle they like the best don’t be surprised if that is the only one they want to play with from then on.
  • These shakers are not only great for your baby but as they get older you can continue to play with them. You can use them for early color reorganization. Each shaker is a different color so you can ask him or her to hand you the blue shaker etc. You can even start your own family band. Get other musical instruments you may have and have each family member play that instrument and you can create the next Jackson 5 or Partridge Family!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards