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  • Eric Carle Mister Seahorse
  • Eric Carle Mister Seahorse
  • Eric Carle Mister Seahorse
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Eric Carle Mister Seahorse

  • Recommended Age: 1-4 Year Old
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Are you ready for a scintillating seahorse fact? The father seahorse is the one who carries the eggs of the mother around in his pouch before they hatch.

In Mister Seahorse, master collage artist Eric Carle teaches preschoolers this lesson and introduces them to a few other fish who bear the traditionally maternal burden of caring for eggs. Cut-up tissue paper soaks up the watery paint and makes for a boldly colorful, almost jewel-like undersea journey.

The story? Well, repetition is the heart of instruction, after all.

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Why Our Experts Love It

We love this toddler book because it is a story that introduces the very young to the wonders of aquatic life...and some very special daddies. A hide and seek feature with acetate overlays adds a colorful surprise.'

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