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  • Little Movers School Bus
  • Little Movers School Bus
  • Little Movers School Bus
  • Little Movers School Bus
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Little Movers School Bus

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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The wheels on the bus go round and round...round and round.

Stop and go, that 's what riding the school bus is all about. That and enjoying the bumpy, wiggly-wobbly ride, of course!

- This cute bus will appeal to every toddler and preschooler who has gazed longingly out the window as the big kids board the big yellow bus, off to exotic destinations unknown.
- Measuring 12 inches long and half again as wide, the durable plastic bus rolls through town, jostling the passengers with a wiggly-wobbly action.
- Push down on driver Carlos and see flashing lights, plus hear the Stop and Go song, beeping horns, giggling children, and commentary from the driver ( Everyone sit down _let 's go to school! etc.).

The bus includes:

- Driver
- Two passengers
- A wheelchair for one of the riders
- A swiveling stop sign
- A door that opens
- And easy access through the roof for children to play with the figures

- The ideal toy to while away the hours until the real thing arrives in a few years!
- Three AA batteries required (not included).

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Why Our Experts Love It

This is the perfect toy for all those little kids that just can't wait to start school!

They can pretend they are just like the big kids off to kindergarten! They will just love pushing along the school bus and watching the people wiggle around.

The exciting sounds and songs make this school bus even more fun!
  • Watch as children learn how to stop and go while playing with the Little People Lil Movers School Bus.
  • Push down on the bus driveRs head to enable lights, sounds and a song you can sing while playing. The functioning lights resemble a real school bus.
  • Push the playful school bus along and watch as Little People figures wiggle and wobble. Bouncing up and down on the bus has never been this much fun.
  • The set comes with the Lil Movers School Bus and two passengers and the bus driver.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards