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  • Melody Push Chime
  • Melody Push Chime
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Melody Push Chime

  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Another Fisher-Price classic that we LOVE!

- The Push Toy Melody Push Chime is a little chime-filled drum on wheels (with attached handle) that rings and jingles as your little one rolls it along.

- Brightly colored, with a menagerie of musical animals on the drum, the Melody Push Chime makes walking for beginners fun.

- As with all Fisher-Price toys, it's built to take a pounding from exuberant toddlers.

- This is pretty much standard-issue equipment for children.

Why Our Experts Love It

This is a CLASSIC!

Not much more to say than's perfect for your little cruiser!
  • Delightful musical sounds play when kids push this classic toy. This encourages the development of walking in young ones who are just getting the hang of it.
  • The pushing and pulling of this toy refines coordination and balance.
  • Decorated with whimsical animal characters, teach your child the names of each one until they are able to repeat them back when you point and ask them what animal it is.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards