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Pots and Pans

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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What 's cooking, little one? How about some stacking, nesting, jingling, rattling fun = complete with colorful peas, carrots, and a shiny mirror! There are three pans to shake, rattle, stack and nest. There 's also a roller ball to bat at for jingling sounds and a large mirror for peek-a-boo fun!

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Why Our Experts Love It

These pots and pans are the perfect new toys for your baby! Besides being fun to play with, they will help your baby develop his/her social development by encouraging role play and will help build confidence by encouraging him/her to imitate cooking activities just like mom and dad!

By grasping, shaking, stacking, and nesting these pots and pans, your baby's motor skills and hand-eye coordination will develop and grow. And the bright colors and fun sounds will stimulate the sense the whole time! If you are looking for a fun and developmental toy, this is the one to chose!
  • From his/her first days of life your child has watched you take care of him/her and prepare his/her food. Now he/she will enjoy mimicking your action with this pots and pans set. Your little one will play with the food, mix the ingredients in the pots and pans, and cook them on the stove. After all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
  • You can build your childs vocabulary by using cooking verbs as he/she plays, like on the stove, cook, mix, or simmer.
  • Now that the tables are turned, your toddler will love serving you. Or for even a more elegant meal, combine this cook top with a chef costume. Your child will love cooking for customers in their very own restaurant.
  • Through this imaginative toddler toy your child will practice role-playing everyday situations. Role playing is one way your little one will find out who they want to be and define their sense of self.
  • As a parent you must always be on the lookout for safety issues, and many accidents happen in the kitchen. You can use this pots and pans set as a tool to open up a discussion about safety. Teach your toddler to always cut away from himself/herself, never to reach up on a hot stove, and to stay away from cleaning supplies.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards