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  • I Dig - Pirate Dig Kit
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I Dig - Pirate Dig Kit

  • Recommended Age: 6-8 Year Old
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- Each box includes a 7 _ gypsum block with a digging tool, brush, a paper clip and twine.
- Each block contains skeletal parts from 1 of 4 impressive pirate skeletons.
- 11 1/2 _-12 _ tall once assembled with twine.
- No glue required.
- The styles vary slightly in terms of embellishment.

Why Our Experts Love It

Look out you swarthy mates!

We love I Dig because there's nothing better than uncovering secrets. Imagine their astonishment as they reveal the remains of some swashbuckler of old.

Eyes as big as saucers, I'm telling ya! Pair it with a great pirate book.

RECOMMENDATION: Mom, grab 3 of these. You'll be glad you did when you're running to a birthday party and you're running out of time. Bam!

Just reach into your treasure chest, grab one, and set sail.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards