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  • Gbaby Baby Sea - 19 Pieces
  • Gbaby Baby Sea - 19 Pieces
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Gbaby Baby Sea - 19 Pieces

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Let's take a visit down under the sea!

The Gbaby pieces provide a rattling sound when shaken, and attract or repel each other as if by magic.


- 19 pieces
- 8 half round, 4 disks, 2 squares, a star, a turtle, 2 crabs and a fish.
- All pieces are are hermetically sealed (bathtub safe and dishwasher safe).

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Why Our Experts Love It

The Gbaby has simple ergonomic forms and soft touch edges that your baby will love!

It helps infants develop their motor skills, sound and touch senses and is also well-suited for teething.
  • These pieces & baby sea animals are a silly way to teach your little one about magnets and animals in the ocean.
  • Your child will put the pieces together in random order. There is no right or wrong way.
  • Your baby will love to take these apart and put them back together several times, and each time will be completely different. As they play, name the animals for your child so he/she begins to get familiar with them, for instance the crab and the turtle.
  • Imaginations will run wild as little ones put together these educational yet fanciful creatures any way they please.
  • You can build different scenes with your child, asking them to hand you the different animals. Can I have the turtle? What color is the turtle?
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards