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  • Click Clack Ball Track
  • Click Clack Ball Track
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Click Clack Ball Track

  • 4.0
  • Brand: Haba
  • Item Number: 027-001
  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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Click Clack Ball Track
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Total: $ 149.95

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The red ball zips down the turbo track, the blue one takes the chatter track. Click-clack they drop down a level!

On the way there are things to watch and hear: kaleidoscope, mirror foil print and little bell.

Includes three big balls perfect for young kids.

Made of untreated beech wood.

W 50cm x H 40cm x D 16cm.

Why Our Experts Love It

Once and a while we find an heirloom it is.

We just love beautiful, durable & safe wooden toys! The Click Clack is super unique. It is a well-crafted wooden ball track that makes enticing noise to teach cause and effect, and the movable silly goblin characters are sure to delight your child.
  • Three colorful balls wind their way down the track zipping and zooming past a multitude of entertaining features.
  • A switch point allows you to direct the path of the ball while bells prisms a mirror and three interactive levels are sure to keep the little ones engaged.
  • Multiple coats of natural water-based non-toxic lacquers ensure that the rainbow of colors on the set will stay vivid and bright for years to come.
  • You can develop your childs pre-math skills by counting the balls and showing them one at a time before putting down the track.
  • Introduce your little one to the concept of taking turns. Have your child hand you the ball so that you can try putting them down the track. Use language like my turn and your turn.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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