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  • Bon Voyage Puzzle
  • Bon Voyage Puzzle
  • Bon Voyage Puzzle
  • Bon Voyage Puzzle
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Bon Voyage Puzzle

  • 4.0
  • Brand: Hape
  • Item Number: 029-015
  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Children match just the right spot for the vehicles in this colorful landscape.

Key development benefits from this simple yet effective puzzle

- Problem solving
- Pattern recognition and
- Spacial relations.

Product size 20.7/22.5/0.8 (l/w/h in cm), 0.3 kg

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Why Our Experts Love It

Ever heard of Hape? Pronounced Hop-ay.

They just keep getting better and better every year. And this great starter 'first puzzle' is just too cute and made too well to pass-up. We love it and we know you will too.

Perfectly constructed for little hands and growing minds.

  • As far as educational toys go there are two skills the Bon Voyage Puzzle encourages in your child. The first is matching the piece to the space where it belongs. Begin by taking only one puzzle piece out of the board and handing it to your child. Then help guide your childs hand to the empty spot to replace the piece.
  • The second skill that your child can practice is how to orient the piece to make it fit in its spot. You can help him/her by pointing out that the circle goes on top. To encourage your little one you can say Turn the piece. Almost there.
  • Once your child is able to replace one piece successfully try it with two and then work up to all five pieces. Its helpful to use simple words and directions such as where does the circle go?
  • As your little one puts each shape in its space ask what part of the scene the shape fits. For example the car door is a square.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards