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  • Magnetic Mosaic
  • Magnetic Mosaic
  • Magnetic Mosaic
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Magnetic Mosaic

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  • Brand: Hape
  • Item Number: 029-034
  • Recommended Age: 3 Year Old
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Magnetic Mosaic is an activity involving design, shapes and colors to create a decoration or picture.

- To create a design use all different colored mosaic bamboo tiles and place them on the magnetic metal board.

- Your creation knows no bounds and the possibilities with the bamboo mosaic tiles are endless.

- At least we think they are endless.

Why Our Experts Love It

Stimulating creativity, fine motor development and spacial concepts are just some of the reasons we love this toy.

And it looks awesome too.

We have a few around the office, and folks love to play with them when they are taking a quick brain-break.
  • This magnetic puzzle will help your child in color recognition, spatial thinking, geometry and a boat load of other mathematical skills!
  • You can first just lay out all the different pieces of the puzzle. Some are triangle and some are trapezoid. Ask your little one to group the shapes into categories. See if they can put all the triangles in the same group.
  • Next go over colors. You can ask them to put the ones pieces in a pile. the yellow etc. This will just reinforce what they already know about colors.
  • Now it is the fun part! They will use their imagination to create masterpieces with these colorful magnetic shapes. They can keep creating different shapes and color combinations - the fun is endless with this puzzle.
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years
  • Magnets - this item contains magnets, not for children under 3 years of age