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  • Do Not Know Much About The 50 States
  • Do Not Know Much About The 50 States
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Do Not Know Much About The 50 States

  • Recommended Age: 8-12 Year Old
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Thirteen stripes . . .Fifty stars . . . And hundreds of AMAZING facts about the U.S.A.!

Can you guess the names of the ten states below?

1. I have the highest waterfalls in North America.

2. I am the smallest state.

3. I am the largest state.

4. I have produced the most presidents of the United States.

5. I was the first to become a state.

6. I was the last to become a state.

7. I have the Gateway to America.

8. I have the most kids under age ten.

9. I have the most tornadoes.

10. I am home to America's most popular vacation spot.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love this game because it's fun, portable, and educational!

And the good thing, we as adults can certainly use a brush-up on our knowledge of the United States.

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