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  • Jamie Lee Curtis Books to Grow By Treasury
  • Jamie Lee Curtis Books to Grow By Treasury
  • Jamie Lee Curtis Books to Grow By Treasury
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Jamie Lee Curtis Books to Grow By Treasury

  • Recommended Age: 3-6 Year Old
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Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell's bestselling books have been helping children grow for the past fifteen years!

- Now four of these favorite titles are gathered in this delightful collection with activities, songs, and stories perfect for families to share. Come read, learn, and play with Jamie Lee Curtis's Books to Grow By Treasury.

- A little more on this dynamic-duo: Writer Jamie Lee Curtis and her zany and touching verse is paired with the whimsical and original illustrations by Laura Cornell. They have been author/illustrator partners since Jaimie Lee Curtis' first book, and the pair create quite stories with great life-lessons.

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Why Our Experts Love It

We Love Jamie Lee Curtis's Books...who doesn't.

So now her top 4 favorites are in this awesome book set for every little boy and girl to treasure.

Also, it's not just about what we think, here is the author's philosophy about her books:

However defined, a healthy self-esteem must be carefully fostered in our youngsters if they are to realize, and eventually assume, all the promises and challenges that life sets before them. - Jamie Lee Curtis

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