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  • The Ramona Collection Vol 1
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The Ramona Collection Vol 1

  • Recommended Age: 8-12 Year Old
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"This wonderful Ramona Box Set, by Beverly Cleary, contains four books: Ramona the Brave, Ramona the Pest, Beezus and Ramona, and Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

Beezus tries very hard to be patient with her little sister, but fouryourold Ramona has a habit of doing the most unpredictable, annoying, embarrassing things in the world. Sometimes Beezus doesnt like Ramona much, and that makes her feel guilty. Sisters are supposed to love each other, but pesky little Ramona doesnt seem very lovable to Beezus right now.
Ramona is off to kindergarten, and it is the greatest day of her life. She loves her teacher, Miss Binney, and she likes a little boy named Davy so much she wants to kiss him. So why does Ramona get in so much trouble? And how does Ramona manage to disrupt the whole class during rest time? Anyone who knows Ramona knows that she never tries to be a pest.
Now that shes six and entering the first grade, Ramona is determined to be brave, but its not always easy, with a scary new allbyherself bedroom, her mothers new job, and a new teacher who just doesnt understand how hard Ramona is trying to grow up.
Ramona feels quite grown up taking the bus by herself, helping big sister Beezus make dinner, and trying hard to be nice to pesky Willa Jean after school. Turning eight years old and entering the third grade can do that to a girl. So how can her teacher call her a nuisance? Being a member of the Quimby family in the third grade is harder than Ramona expected."

    Developmental Skills:
  • Choking Hazard 8 - not for children under 8 years