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  • Mythbusters Trivia Game
  • Mythbusters Trivia Game

Mythbusters Trivia Game

  • Recommended Age: 10-12 Year Old
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Load Buster into his cannon and take a shot at one of 400 myth-busting trivia questions.

Can a penny dropped from the Empire State Building kill someone? Do sharks really go for blood? If you answer correctly, place a landing target or re-aim the cannon. When it's time to launch Buster, if he hits your target, you'll score!

Product Contents:

* 1 Catapult

* 1 Aiming Board

* 1 Buster

* 400 Cards

* 20 Targets

* 4 Answer Dials

* 1 Die

* 5 Elastic Bands

* 1 Game Rules Manual

Why Our Experts Love It

Mythbusters trivia game brings learning about myths to a whole new level!

If you have a passion for exploration then this is the game for you!
  • What a great (and somewhat hectic) the 12s are. There are a few milestones these young-adults may achieve and growing pains your typical 12 year old may encounter.
  • Body and Social: More concern about body image, looks, and clothes...Focuses on self...Vacillates going back and forth between high expectations and lack of confidence...Moodiness is prevalent...And more interest in and influence by peer group.
  • Family: Less affection shown toward parents...May sometimes seem rude or short-tempered.
  • Other Changes: More ability for complex thought. Better able to express feelings through talking. A stronger sense of right and wrong develops...Anxiety from more challenging school work. Eating problems sometimes start at this age.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards