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  • Spiral Spin Top
  • Spiral Spin Top
  • Spiral Spin Top
  • Spiral Spin Top
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Spiral Spin Top

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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You can watch the balls spin round and round

Babies simply press the Spiral Spin Top to watch the brightly colored balls spiral their way up the ramp and back down again.

Encourages the early development of very important skills by promoting sensory exploration through sight, touch and sound.

DIMENSIONS: 7.5 H x 6 D x 6 W

Packaging size: 8.5 H x 8 D x 8 W

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Why Our Experts Love It

You can't even imagine the fun this toy will provide for your child. !

Here's just a FEW reasons why you just gotta have it:

- Bright colors and patterns
- Encourages your child to grasp and explore helping with your child's dexterity skils.
- This will catch your baby's eye and keep your child engaged.
- The colored balls spiral their way up the ramp and back down again when the child pushes the knob down.

This small toy offers so much for your child. Between building their dexterity skills, engaging your child in fun play and allowing your child to explore all the patterns and colors this spiral spin top offers.

We know, you just can't beat it. It's Awesome.
  • This Spiral Spin Top toy will help to develop trunk strength, dexterity, and hand eye coordination.
  • The colorful balls will tempt your child to reach outside of his base of support when sitting.
  • Try placing it to his right, left, in front of him and behind him to challenge his strength and balance in sitting.
  • Your child will learn about cause and effect when he discovers that pushing down on the plunger makes the balls spin and swirl.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards