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  • Sparkle Zoob 60 pc Set
  • Sparkle Zoob 60 pc Set
  • Sparkle Zoob 60 pc Set
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Sparkle Zoob 60 pc Set

  • Recommended Age: 7-10 Year Old
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New, translucent ZOOB colors add sparkle to ZOOB ′s award-winning open-ended play. These attractive see-through pieces work with all classic ZOOB pieces, so kids can start a new collection or add on to their existing sets.

The ZOOB Sparkle 60 is great for boys and for girls, and it includes instructions for creations such as an elephant, a dragonfly, a dolphin, and geometric shapes.

This set includes 60 ZOOB pieces and 2 guides with instructions for 21 creations (but kids can build lots more!).

Why Our Experts Love It

If we don′t answer our phones, it′s because we are playing with the Zoob.

Besides being fun, this toy has multitude of benefits. Using Zoob, children view movement of biological, anatomical, & mechanical parts. Zoob improves visual/spatial relationships, motor skills, creativity, and problem solving.

The Sparkle Zoob will keep kids busy for hours at a time.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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