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  • A Visit To The Doctor
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A Visit To The Doctor

  • Recommended Age: 2-3 Year Old
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With a dose of fun and a spoonful of silly, kids will love reading along with this sweet story as they learn what to expect at a checkup with the doctor.

This whimsical story about a child 's trip to the doctor will help your little one understand that visiting the doctor 's office is a part of growing up.

As they read along, children will build confidence about going to the doctor and learn that there 's no reason to be afraid. In fact, it can be quite an adventure!

Why Our Experts Love It

We know doctor visits are never fun.

This is a great book if your child is a little nervous about heading to the doctor and helps teach them exactly what the doctor will be doing during checkup! It helps ease their mind and really lets them know what is happening.

Love it!

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