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  • Butterfly Net
  • Butterfly Net
  • Butterfly Net

Butterfly Net

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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Use this fun net to capture critters large and small!

The unique butterfly shape sets it apart from ordinary nets - it′s shaped like a butterfly so catching butterflies and other bugs is a breeze!
- Use it on land, in the sky or in the water - provides hours of outdoor enjoyment for young nature lovers!
- This package contains 1 Butterfly Net. Measures 22-1/2′′ x 8-1/2′′. Conforms to ASTM F963.

Why Our Experts Love It

This Butterfly Net is such a simple thing but it will give your little one hours of excitement while they try and catch butterflies.

Once they catch them they can look at them and then let them go.

The fun part is catching them.
  • Butterfly nets are great tools for getting your kids outdoors and running.

  • Show your little one how to catch and release. Remember, this net can be used for all types of bugs (like fireflies at night), but watch out and warn your child about insects which may be harmful (stingers, etc.)

  • Emphasize the important of being quiet and “almost invisible”, as to not scare off any potential catches. Otherwise, your child may become frustrated that everything keeps flying away.

  • Not only is this toy great for enticing outdoor exercise, but it also opens up a world of science for your child. Take this opportunity to teach your child about insects, or more specifically, about butterflies and their metamorphosis.

  • A great follow-up toy would be our Butterfly Garden, which includes 3 to 5 larvae to “grow” your own butterflies and allows you to watch the metamorphosis right before your eyes.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards