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  • ABC Shape Sorter
  • ABC Shape Sorter
  • ABC Shape Sorter
  • ABC Shape Sorter
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ABC Shape Sorter

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Empower your child with early learning tools to enhance education with this sorter filled with three shapes and three letters.

- They easily fit into the matching holes, can be seen inside through the clear view window and are easy to take back out.

- Wipes down for easy clean up and has a handle to carry.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love it for it's educational purpose.

Not only is this toy super cut but your child will learn their ABC's in no time. It is great for those small delicate hands.

We love it!
  • The ABC Shape Sorter is a classic learning toys with a unique twist to it that teach your baby the spatial relationship of different sizes of the same object.
  • This is not just your typical shape sorter – it is also a fill and spill.  At first your child may just put the objects in the sorter and spill them out.
  • Next your child may just play with the shapes of the sorter. Then they will start to put the shapes in the holes – it will take some time to get the right shape in the right hole.
  • Start to talk to your child about the shapes because they are either letters or shapes – this is a square etc. Also, take this opportunity to start to teach them about colors. This is blue, this is a blue star etc.
  • Pretty soon your child will be putting the shapes in the correct holes all by themselves!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards