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  • Bingo Pongo
  • Bingo Pongo
  • Bingo Pongo
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Bingo Pongo

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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A first Bingo game with a twist!

- Players turn over face down cards, hoping to find a pair.
- When a match is made the player can mark his/her Bingo card, plus put a Pongo monkey on top of one of the cards blocking others from using this card!
- Since players can only turn over cards that are not blocked by a Pongo monkey, it is more of a challenge to fill your card to win Bingo ! (2 - 4 players).

Why Our Experts Love It

We love when toy companies get a creative with a classic-game.

This is a really fun game for kids to play together or with parents!

Pongo the monkey is so cute - kids and parents alike will love playing this game. It will exercise kids' minds while they strategize which bingo cards to block and turn over!
  • This Bingo Pongo Game is an exciting, different version of an old favorite game Bingo!
  • Before beginning the game you can count how many spaces there are in a row with your child and explain that the object is to fill up one row in any direction before the other person.
  • Count all the game pieces together. You can use these pieces to teach early addition skills
  • This Bingo game is even more exciting because of the monkeys that come with the game. In this Bingo game you can block people from getting Bingo which takes strategy.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards