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  • JD Soft Tool Box
  • JD Soft Tool Box
  • JD Soft Tool Box
  • JD Soft Tool Box
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JD Soft Tool Box

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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JD Soft Tool Box
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It's more than the tools.

It's a carrying case, has room for more stuff and of course provides the imagination that launches your little one into the world of 'fix it'.

- The JD Soft Tool Set is a great tool set that has the theme of John Deere that we love.
- It's a great first tool set for any budding tool-man.
- Includes soft child-friendly design.
- Functioning socket wrench and pliers.
- Easy carry handle.
- Tough construction as Nothing Runs Like a Deere.

Why Our Experts Love It

Just sit back and marvel as your new handyman goes to work!

We love open-ended play, and this tool set does MORE than the trick. Your child, boy or girl, will love it.

Just don't be surprised when they charge you $1 million to fix the door handle that wasn't broken.

  • This tool set is one of the best because it is a John Deere Toolbox and it’s fun!
  • Identify each tool and the sound it would make. This is a great way to start teaching the purpose of each tool.
  • Pretend to build a house, a school or a playground. You and your child can dream up so many great ideas to build and use your tools to do the work!
  • Teach your child the difference between banging, turning, sawing and more. Their arms and hands will be very busy working and getting stronger while having fun!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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