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  • Power Glider

Power Glider

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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Get ready for a whole lot of outdoor action.

- With Kid Galaxy's power glider launchers, your youngsters will spend hours chasing these miniature aircrafts and away from distracting electronics. The power glider launchers are kid-powered and require no batteries. Each set comes with 2 planes and 2 launchers, so youngsters can compete with each other over whose is faster or higher.

-The planes are made with durable vinyl materials so they are built to last. Best of all, with the adjustable wing flaps, the planes can soar as high and far as 50 feet.


-Kid-powered; no batteries required
-Each set comes with 2 planes and 2 launchers

-Can fly up to 50 feet

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards