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  • Washable Book - SEA ANIMALS
  • Washable Book - SEA ANIMALS
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Washable Book - SEA ANIMALS

  • Recommended Age: 4-7 Year Old
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Our books are made of a special waterproof fabric that can be cleaned by placing under running water. Allow the book to air dry indoors and it's ready to be colored again! No need for any soaps or detergents.

Each set comes with a waterproof washable coloring book and 5 non-toxic, non-permanent markers that can float in water without leaking ink! Kids will be able to color anywhere, wet or dry!

Why Our Experts Love It

This toy is fantastic, it's a coloring book that can be colored over and over again! It's a super soft, book that sparks creativity and is your blank canvas! Because this book is washable, your child will enjoy decorating his/her friend over and over again!
  • We love this toy so much that we are still playing with it! We are POSITIVE that your little one will love this toy just as much as we do. We only select the best toys to foster development, and once we are done playing you can find all of the features, benefits, and educational tips for this toy here.
  • There are so many ways to color in the book that this will keep your childs imagination going. This book is also a great book to keep those creative juices flowing with making up your own story to go with the pictures they just colored in.
  • Use the book as a learning tool.  Ask him/her to color in the animal with the pink marker, color the ears in blue etc.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards