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  • Stacking & Sorting Frogs
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Stacking & Sorting Frogs

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  • Brand: Lauri
  • Item Number: 042-015
  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Sort by size - sort by color

Big, durable shapes and bright colors make this a terrific learning toy. They'll develop fine-motor skills and learn the concepts of small, medium, and large as they stack the frogs on the pegboard or fit them into the three puzzle frames.

Contents: Lauri Crepe Rubber Sorting Pegboard, 3 Tall-Stacker Pegs, 9 Lauri Crepe Rubber Frogs, 3 Lauri Crepe Rubber Puzzle Frames

Why Our Experts Love It

Who doesn't love frogs? Well we do and we also love stacking and sorting toys so this one is a winner

Stacking and sorting frogs is such a simple toy but that'what makes it so great! It'a fun way for your toddler to learn about colors, shapes, sequencing and even frogs!
  • With the Stacking & Sorting Frogs your child will learn to sort the pieces by color and shape. First, take all the pieces off the board. Put them in a pile on the floor and begin by sorting them into groups by color.
  • As your child places the colors on the correct color peg tell them the name of the color he/she is holding.
  • You can also help your little one learn to follow directions by guiding him/her while he/she plays. Tell him/her to put the purple circle on the purple peg.
  • Once all the pegs are in place on the pegs, practice counting the shapes with your child. Point out to him/her that there are corresponding numbers at the base of each peg. For example, there is one green rectangle in the peg with the number one. This educational toy will begin to develop your childs pre-math skills.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards