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Alpha Pops

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Alpha Pops
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Pop together a rainbow of frozen treats to match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Double-sided to include all 26 letters

Self-checking by color

Also great for fine motor skills and imaginative play!

Single Alpha Pop measures 4 L x 1.25 W

Why Our Experts Love It

Whose hungry for a frozen treat?

There is no better way for your toddler to learn there upper and lower case letters than with popsicles!

This set brings something they love, popsicles, together with something they need to learn, letters. It'a win win situation

One of the best things we love about this set is that it self correcting as well - that will make learning there upper and lowercase letters even that easier
  • Open the package for your toddler and let him/her dump the popsicle pieces on the floor. Your child will develop him/her hand-eye coordination by picking up all the pieces and putting them back in the package.
  • Show your child how two objects can be combined to make something different. Link two of the pieces together and let your toddler explore how this configuration is different from the single popsicle piece.
  • Take this opportunity to also go over some colors with your toddler. Ask them to pick out the color red. See how they follow directions by asking them to start with the red A and combine it with the green E.
  • Once they master the hand eye coordination and colors then it’s time to start with the letter.   You can point out the lower case a and then ask them to match it with the uppercase A.  Ask them to name what the letter is on the orange Popsicle.  This is just a fun way to teach or reinforce letters to your toddler.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards