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  • Smart Snacks ABC Lacing Sweets
  • Smart Snacks ABC Lacing Sweets
  • Smart Snacks ABC Lacing Sweets
  • Smart Snacks ABC Lacing Sweets
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Smart Snacks ABC Lacing Sweets

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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It's so Sweeeet!

This colorful plastic bead set is sure to make learning the ABC's fun, easy and sweet. The 1 3/8 plastic beads include:

- 10 vowels (all in red for easy recognition)
- 21 consonants

Each bead features

- Uppercase on one side, lowercase on the other
- The two laces, which can be used to string together letter sequences or form words, reinforce hand-eye coordination


- Scoop and jar with snap-on lid for storage

Why Our Experts Love It

A fantastic way to learn ABC's while having fun!

It can also be used as a pretend play toy...I have my own candy store now! The stringing aspect is also great for the small muscles of your little one's hands.'
  • At the beginning, your child will practice the concept of “through” as he/she laces the string through one or two holes in the letters. This will increase your child’s hand-eye coordination and will come in handy as he/she learns to tie his/her own shoes.
  • Your child will learn how to match the color of the letter with the color of the string. Or you can teach your child about contrasting colors.
  • Help your child string more of the holes, while working towards lacing a whole sequence of letters. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment and task completion.
  • Create a necklace or an ‘letters parade’ by stringing letters together on one string.
  • Pretend play is so important to stimulate your little ones’ budding imagination. What sounds do these letters make?  What starts with A?
  • Sing the Alphabet song.   When they are all done have them clean up all the pieces and string and they can put the lid on the jar so they do not lose any of the beads.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards