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  • Darth Vader Head Lamp

Darth Vader Head Lamp

  • 3.0
  • Brand: Lego
  • Item Number: 252-019
  • Recommended Age: 4-6 Year Old
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Light from the Dark Side


He may be part of the Dark Side, but Darth Vader isn't all about darkness. Speaking of darkness... You know those people who call the great Sith Lord "Dark" Vader? We shiver just thinking about it. It's adorable when you're a toddler and can't enunciate your dental fricatives correctly.

You, wee one, can say Dark Vader or even Darf Vader and we'll think you're adorable. But if you're a grown-up, prepare to be shunned like the non-believer you are. But today, Darth Vader brings light! For those times you wish you had a little more light and a little more LEGO, enter the Darth Vader LEGO Head Lamp. This little dude can clip to your belt, backpack, or even your pocket protector. If you'd like to use him as a real head lamp, the stretchy gray headband fits noggins ranging from geeklings up to Chewbacca.

Great for late night reading, illuminating intricate LEGO creations, and blinding your little sister.

Why Our Experts Love It

The force is stong with you! There's no better way to light the way when you are a little unsure of yourself than with your very own Jedi Master. Darth Vader sticks with your little one when exploring his own universe. The extra confidence will give him superpowers in the face of the Rebel Alliance. There's no better way to light up the Dark Side.
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