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  • Lego Dynamo Torch
  • Lego Dynamo Torch
  • Lego Dynamo Torch
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Lego Dynamo Torch

  • 5.0
  • Brand: Lego
  • Item Number: 082-003
  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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NO BATTERIES NECESSARY. Just crank it and let the let shine!

- This Dynamo Torch is friendly to the environment because it has a built-in electric generator.
- By turning the crank handle, kids provide all the energy necessary to produce all the light needed for any play activity.
- There are no batteries to buy, so there is nothing to trash.
- The Dynamo Torch saves money, preserves the environment and is totally convenient.
- Oh, and it's FUN!


Why Our Experts Love It


That is why we LOVE it. This Lego Dynamo Torch is an eco-friendly light that any kid will have a blast using. When the power goes out, no looking around for a flashlight with good batteries. Just wind-up this Lego torch and you have instant light.

Winding up your kids. . . that's a different story!

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards