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  • Dragon Universe Battle Set
  • Dragon Universe Battle Set
  • Dragon Universe Battle Set
  • Dragon Universe Battle Set
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Dragon Universe Battle Set

  • Recommended Age: 6-9 Year Old
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Enter a universe where man and beast join together to decide the fate of the galaxy! It 's Alliance versus Predavor in the Dragons Universe Ultimate Battle Set!

The Predavors are on the offensive with the Predavor Onyx Breaker, a multi-purpose assault speeder with four particle beam blaster cannons. With the corrupted Colonel Pertinax in the driver 's seat, the Onyx Breaker can smash through any Dragon stronghold with the help of primal-level Pyro Jinthra! The Alliance counters with its own sky superiority speeder, the Zircon Blitzer! The Blitzer boasts three forward slicer beam cannons that can cut down even the strongest Predavor forces. With the Alliance 's best pilot Colonel Drusus at the controls and the help of primal-level Pierce Exlancer, they attempt to defend the skies from the Predavors!

Are you prepared for the Rise of the Predavors?


- Alliance sky superiority speeder

- Predavor assault speeder

- Predavor and Alliance primal-level dragons!

- Colonel Pertinax and Drusus, weapons and quantum shields

Why Our Experts Love It

The imaginative play is endless.

This battle set unlocks the kid in all of us.

You'll be amazed at the level of detail, and it will be your child's favorite toy.

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