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  • Medium Bag Of Blocks
  • Medium Bag Of Blocks
  • Medium Bag Of Blocks
  • Medium Bag Of Blocks
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Medium Bag Of Blocks

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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Not all blocks are created equal and these blocks definitely stand out from the blocks!

- These are chunky.
- These are easy to grab.
- These are easy to stick together.
- These are primary-colored.
- These encourage hands-on exploration as children imagine and create.
- These are good blocks.

And when playtime is over, zip the blocks up in an eco-friendly bag and stash them in the toy box until the next adventure.

Why Our Experts Love It

Kids build. They build their vocabulary. They build their imagination. They build their dexterity. But what they love to do is to build actual things.

Build a rocket, a house, a thing-a-ma-jig. Then break it down and build it again. With these chunky and easy to hold Mega Blocks your child will take to them like a fish to water.

Let'build something beautiful together.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards