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  • Sparkling Princess Enchanted Castle
  • Sparkling Princess Enchanted Castle
  • Sparkling Princess Enchanted Castle
  • Sparkling Princess Enchanted Castle
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Sparkling Princess Enchanted Castle

  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Open and build your own Mega Bloks Lil ' Princess Enchanted Castle!

The Enchanted Castle is a safe hideaway and a school Sparkling Princesses as they explore their magical powers for the powers.

With 2 spinning dance floors included; one on the bridge and one underneath, there 's room for fun for every Lil ' Princess

Why Our Experts Love It

This is just the toy to get your creativity going!

Perfect for all those princess lovers and it gives your kids a chance to inspire themselves. We love it because of the endless possibilities.
  • Imagination is the key to this wonderful enchanting castle.
  • Before your little princess go right to the castle have her play with just the accessories that come with the castle.
  • You can tell her your favorite fairy tale and use those accessories to act it out.  Maybe it’s Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.
  • Ask your child to tell you a story with the princess now.  Her imagination will come to life right in front of you.
  • Now bring all the pieces of the set together.  She may pretend the princess is locked in the castle and her prince needs to save her.
  • Bring other toys into this playset to enhance the play value.  Maybe other dolls can join the party.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards